Summer Camp Success

It’s hard to believe it, but our 2018 summer season has come to a close. It has been a summer that everyone will remember fondly. With 19 campers (many of whom came more than once!) we hosted three on-site camps: Superhero Academy, Passport to Fun, and Walk on the Wild Side.

Our Superhero Academy brought together a bunch of courageous individuals who learned that working together makes all of us stronger, we are all unique, and we have the courage to make good decisions. We even got to visit Fire Station #27 to meet our local superhero’s, test out the giant water hose, and see what its like to sit in the fire truck. We were also visited by Nurse Samara, LPN, who showed us some basic first responder training. Everyone made personalized letters of encouragement to the residents at Nurse Samara’s work! All the campers left camp with a new found confidence in themselves and a pretty cool cape!

Passport for Fun camp involved learning about the culture and traditions of seven different countries. Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse generously invited us to their restaurant to sample many different types of Brazilian food, including cheese bread, bacon-wrapped chicken, and a variety of meats! Am I making you hungry yet? A huge thank you to General Manager Archiemedes Cailao, Executive Chef Joao, and Grill Master Jairo for an incredible experience.

We learned about animals in our final camp, Walk on the Wild Side which taught our us all about the importance of communication, adapting to new circumstances, and working together. Everyone got up close and personal with some of the animals at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Our favorite animals included the tigers, red pandas, and of course Lucy the elephant.

We did some pretty awesome things this summer from impromptu water balloon fights, crazy crafts, to the much-needed wind down ‘chill’ time.
Nothing can measure the success of our camps like the genuine laughs and friendships made over this summer. It was heartwarming to see the campers sharing craft supplies, helping out the camp leaders, and spending hours writing encouragement notes to each other.

Thank you to Servus Credit for the outdoor game supplies and the wicked tasty freezies to help cool us off in the summer heat!