Crossroads Disability Care Services Spotlight

Crossroads is a dynamic organization. We provide both foster care and disability care services! Our disability care services provide supports to families who need more than the occasional help.

At Crossroads, we strive to create better lives by working in line with our values.

  • We look for creative ways to encourage and support families.
  • We want to have a positive influence on you and your family.
  • We support wellness.
  • We believe in learning, healing, change, and growth.
  • We respect culture and diversity.
  • We seek to understand and support each person’s unique situation and life journey.
  • We hold ourselves and our staff caregivers to a high standard.

What services does Crossroads Disability Care offer?

  1. Hourly Respite: For families who need a break, our Kinnections caregiver will work with you to provide hourly respite for your child or youth (minimum 3-hour blocks). We can come to your home to help with your child’s behaviours and daily routines, or we can go with your child into the community for fun outings.
  2. Overnight Respite Services: Sometimes families need a longer break than just a couple of hours. Maybe a family member doesn’t have the energy, skills, time, or space to take care of your high-needs child for a whole weekend. This is where our staff host homes come in! A trained host family can partner with your family to provide overnight respite services-whether it is a couple of weekends a month or just one night.
  3. Kinnect Family Program: The Kinnect Family Program offers interventions to support children with high needs and their families. Our professional team works collaboratively with youth and their families to identify existing strengths and set goals to develop new skill areas, through Behaviour Development Support Parent Coaching, and the Kinnect Intensive Program.
    • Kinnect Intensive Program: The Kinnect Intensive Program is a specialized support system for parents/guardians and youth. Youth attend a part-time overnight out-of-home living arrangement at our Kinnect House, which provides a break from the complex family dynamic. While in the Kinnect House, youth receive therapeutic services, develop emotion regulation and behaviour management skills, and participate in fun group activities. At the same time, parents receive individual consulting with parenting experts and attend Parent Break Nights to foster their mental health, communication, and parenting skills.
    • BDS Parent Coaching: In our Parent Coaching program, parents meet with a parenting expert to build their skills in a one-on-one setting. Parents are supported to set and work toward parenting goals to learn about their mental health and develop communication, emotion regulation, and behaviour management skills.

Meet Our Staff

Craig Ryan – Program Manager, Crossroads Disability Care

Craig began working with Crossroads as a youth worker over 10 years ago. He has extensive experience working with children and youth, both in foster care and disability care. Craig’s family fostered for many years and two of his sisters were adopted. He has a strong foundation of knowledge and compassion for families and children.


Stephanie SerbinProgram Supervisor, Crossroads Disability Care

Stephanie started with Crossroads in 2014 as a practicum student and later transferred into her current supervisory position. A primary focus of Stephanie’s role is to supervise our Kinnect Intensive Program stream and coordinate services for the families and children in this very dynamic program. Her previous work with children and their families has provided her with valuable knowledge, as well as a high level of compassion for the families and children in our program.


Barb TenneyProgram Supervisor, Kinnect Family Program

Barb began working with Crossroads in 2013 as a Foster Care Support Worker, and in 2014 she transitioned to our Kinnections Respite Program as a Team Lead. In 2019, she transitioned again into a supervisory position within the Kinnect Family Program. Barb combines an organized and efficient professional style with a deep passion for working with high-risk youth. Her educational background in Child and Youth Care and her certificate in Applied Behavioural Analysis contributes to her extensive skills in managing the behaviour of adolescents.


Martha Rivas – Marin – Program Support Worker, Kinnections Respite Program

Martha came on board with Crossroads in 2019. Martha is our first contact with new families interested in accessing our services, and she coordinates the weekly interviews and hiring processes with new respite worker applicants. Martha’s calm and organized approach to her tasks has been an excellent fit with our busy Kinnections program.


Crossroads provides supports to families of children and youth with disabilities. If you, or someone you know, needs disability care services, contact us today!

Telephone: 780-430-7715