Foster Care

To use any of these PDF forms, simply click on the link. You can print the form out, or fill it in online to save and email.

To download and save a copy of the Excel files with built-in formulas, left click on the link. A new window and download should appear.

00.a Required Documentation Flow (PDF)
00.b Guide ~ Using a Clothing Voucher (PDF)
01 Child Arrival Report (PDF)
02 Clothing Inventory 0 – 1 yr (PDF)
03 Clothing Inventory 1 – 5 yrs (PDF)
04 Clothing Inventory 6-17 Boys (PDF)
05 Clothing Inventory 6-17 Female (PDF)
10.a Guide ~ Medication Quick Reference (PDF)
10.b Guide ~Prescriptions for Foster Children 2021 (PDF)
11 Medication-Log 2022 (PDF)
12 Child Health Record Report (PDF)
21 Daily Progress Notes (PDF)

24 Cultural Activity Report 2022 (PDF)

25.a Quarterly Progress Report – (Fillable) (Word)
25.b Quarterly Progress Report – (Written) (Word)

26 Bio-Family – Monthly Contact Form (PDF)
31 Non-Critical – Head & Face Incident Report (PDF)
30 Guide ~ Incident Reporting (PDF)

33 Critical Incident Report Form – UPDATED (PDF)
40.a Guide ~ Alternate Care – Short Term (PDF)
40.b Guide ~ Babysitters-Nanny-Alternative Caregiver (PDF)
41 Alternate Care – Child Info Form (PDF)
50.a Guide ~ Edmonton Reimbursable Expenses 2021 (PDF)
50.b Guide ~ Central Reimbursable Expenses 2021 (PDF)

Foster Child Expense Form Training Video
51.a FOSTER CHILD Expense Claims (PDF)

Foster Parent Expense Claim Training Video
51.b FOSTER-PARENT-Expense-Claims 2021 (PDF)
50.c Guide ~ Infant Care Cost Compensations (PDF)
50.d Guide ~ GST – Expense Claim (PDF)
51.a FOSTER CHILD Expense Form (Excel)
51.b CAREGIVER Expense Form (Excel)
52 Allowance Log (PDF)
53 Clothing Expense Log (PDF)
54 Alternate Care Invoice fillable 2022 (PDF)
55 Relief Agreement between Foster Families (PDF)
56 Babysitter – Alternate Caregiver Record (PDF)
57.a Babysitting Receipt 2021 (PDF)
57.b Support Services receipt (PDF)

61 Behaviour Log (PDF)
62 Tantrum Report (PDF)
63 Time Out Log – Weekly (PDF)
64 Time Out Log – Monthly (PDF)
65 Problem Solving Steps (PDF)
71 Discharge Report (PDF)
72 Exit Report for Long Term Placements (PDF)
81 Fire Drill Confirmation Sheet (PDF)
82 Guide ~ Fire Escape Drills (PDF)
83 Authorization – Specialized Recreation Activity (PDF)
84 Authorization – Rec Specialized Firearms (PDF)
85 Guide ~ Leisure Access Program FF (PDF)