Specialized Foster Parent

Specialized foster parent spending time in kitchen with child.

We are looking for skilled caregivers.        

As a specialized foster parent, you will open your home to children in need. The children in this program have experienced adversity and trauma in their lives; therefore, they need a specialized home to meet their needs. Because of their experiences, these children can be at high risk of placement disruption and instability. As a result, their needs cannot be adequately addressed in a family or “typical” foster home. They need your help.

Crossroads will provide clinical services and therapy for the children. Alongside our therapeutic team, you will receive training to meet the complex trauma, developmental, behavioural, and emotional needs of children in the program. Crossroads will provide this training and support as you make a difference in the child’s life.

Your goal as a specialized foster parent will be to address the impacts of trauma through a stable, nurturing, and supportive home.

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Specialized Foster Parent

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