Clinical Services for High Needs Children

Clinical Services for High Needs Children


Can clinical services for high needs children help you?

High needs kids do not come with a manual. You probably weren’t taught to manage extreme behaviours or how to get funding to help you deal with extraordinary needs. Using our clinical services for high needs children will help you learn what you need to do and where you need to go to support your child.

Behaviour Specialist

You have been dealing with your child’s behaviour for years. You have run out of ideas to make both your life and their life work a bit more smoothly. Our Behaviour Specialists can teach you new tools and strategies for making all of your lives easier.


Conflict in families can be very hard. When you are at odds with someone you love, feelings can be hurt easily. This is where our Mediator can help. The process of mediation brings a neutral third party in to frame the discussion for you to deflate the tension and come to a solution.

Navigation Services

Finding services for adults or children with disabilities or mental health conditions can be overwhelming. Figuring out who to call to get the help you need isn’t easy to figure out. Let us help you out. Our staff can assist you to identify different services you may be eligible for and provide support when applying.

Intellectual Assessment

When a young person with disabilities is looking for funding after they have turned 18, they may need an updated Intellectual Assessment (IQ). If you have been referred to us by FSCD, we can arrange services for a Cognitive Assessment to be performed at a subsidized rate.

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