Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions about respite.

Finding respite services can be difficult, but with Crossroads, we make the process as simple as possible. Many times, your FSCD caseworker will supply you with a list of agencies that provide respite. If you are interested in Crossroads, you can give us a phone call and speak directly with one of our team members. They can provide you with more information about our program and start the intake process.
You can reach us at 780-430-7715 or our website
The Family Support for Children with Disabilities program works with eligible families to provide support and services based on each child and family’s needs. If you receive funding through FSCD, Crossroads can direct bill so you don’t have to worry. If you do not receive funding through FSCD, no problem – we offer private rates at $32.00/hour and $300 for 24-hour oversight.
Crossroads Caregiver applicants are required to complete the application process, provide a resume outlining their experience working with cognitive/physical disabilities, complete two interviews, and provide two professional references.
If successful, caregivers then complete our orientation training that involves tactical learning, skill screening, and evaluation. Crossroads caregivers access monthly supervision on an ongoing basis, which offers training on topics such as: crisis de-escalation, suicide awareness, and behavior management techniques. All caregiver must have a criminal record check completed and a valid first aid certificate.
Crossroads caregivers are screened for you and well trained through us. We complete the criminal record check, vulnerable sector check, and ensure their basic training requirements are current. We further equip our caregivers by providing ongoing training and supports that you might not have access to. offers specialized services and training to accommodate your family’s needs during difficult times.
Additionally, Crossroads is a member of the Family Solutions Group agencies. Through our partnership programs, we can provide a full range of specialized services designed to support your family’s needs during challenging times.
Further, we realize that both your time and personal funding may be limited, so we eliminate the stress of direct billing. All we need you to do is track your hours!
Your FSCD case manager will score a child as Level I or Level II based on the information provided by the family. FSCD decides the level based on amount of support needed, level of functioning, existing behaviors, etc.
Perhaps an easier way to look at it would be that:
Level I children’s needs can be met in the family, and community with occasional respite and breaks.
Level II children present with more challenging behaviours, and it is difficult to get the support or breaks needed to stay well. These are the children or youth with higher needs who require specialized services, resources and support.
If your child has been assessed as Level I and you believe that a Level II coding is more appropriate, it can be valuable to review your child’s needs with the caseworker. When Crossroads is determining what level of supports a child or youth requires, we refer to a multidisciplinary screening tool that we have developed.
It is important to us that your family receives the best care, and as such, we cannot promise a set time frame to find a caregiver match for your family.
We do have a waitlist, but we do not tell anyone how long it is as we do not move in chronological order. We work on a ‘best-match basis’, which means that our goal is to create lasting relationships between the caregiver and child.
Finding the right caregiver for your family will take time, but here are some tips to make the process go quicker.
1. Fill out the intake package. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call us and we can walk you through it. Paperwork that is not complete does not move forward to be matched.
2. Attach your FSCD contract, along with the intake package and send it to us promptly. As we direct bill through FSCD, we need proper documentation of your contract. When we receive these documents, we can go forward and schedule the intake meeting.
3. Be flexible with your caregiver – available times, gender, etc.
4. Make sure that your contract has agency rates already built in – our rates are higher than a straight provider rate because we recruit, train, and support the caregivers to ensure high quality. Contact your caseworker and inform them you’re going forward with Crossroads. Once that is completed, an addendum will be completed with the correct rates on your contract. No services are booked or provided until after a current FSCD contract has been received.

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