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Barb Tenney

Program Supervisor, Crossroads Disability Care / Kinnect Family Program

Barb was invited to Crossroads in 2013 from the ‘group care world,’ to work as a Foster Care Support Worker. In 2014, she transitioned to our Kinnections Respite Program as a team lead, and in 2019, she moved into a supervisory position with our Kinnect Family Program. The primary focus of Barb’s role is to coordinate specialized services for the families and children in this very dynamic program. Barb combines an organized and efficient professional style with a deep passion for working with high-risk youth. Barb has an educational background in psychology and child & youth care, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Applied Behavioural Analysis.


  • Barb is highly skilled at managing the behaviour of adolescents, particularly high-risk youth.
  • Barb loves to play soccer and although she has limited free time, she is the executive director of her soccer club.
  • Barb enjoys colour-coordinating her clothing choices with her children’s daily outfits.