Katie Ruegg

Katie Ruegg

Administrator, Kinnect Family Programs

Katie has been involved with Crossroads since 2013 in various program roles.  She was initially hired as a case aide in our foster care program, and then became a Foster Care Support Worker. She returned to her academic studies in 2017, but still stayed connected with us as a contract respite worker in our Kinnections program, and as a home study writer. In 2019, after completing her degree, she agreed to take on the full-time task of providing much-needed administrative support to the Solutions Intervention Program.  We are very happy to have Katie working in this position, as she brings a wonderful combination of infectious cheerfulness and brisk efficiency to her job.

Katie’s role currently has her focused on working behind the scenes of the Solutions Intervention program organizing the paperwork side of things. This includes ensuring that reports are submitted on time, working with the supervisory team to book staff events and individual meetings,  and working with the accounting department to monitor payroll.  And because she loves kids, she also agreed to run a weekly children’s program for us!


  • Katie enjoys being creative and has a passion for photography. She enjoys working part-time as a wedding photographer.
  • Katie love plants and enjoys learning how to care for new varieties. She currently has over 53 house plants at home and is slowly creating a jungle at her desk.