Foster Care Support Worker image

Sarah Legere

Home Study Coordinator/Applicant Processor

Sarah is a Registered Social Worker with a great deal of experience working with special needs children and youth. Sarah first began working for Crossroads 19 years ago, as a Foster Care Support Worker in 2000 and stayed in that role until she left to start her own family. Since her return, she became the Crossroads Home Study Coordinator and Applicant Processor.

Sarah’s previous experience as a Support Worker has been very useful in helping applicant families understand some of the demands of fostering. Sarah also pitches in to help the Support Workers in busier moments.


  • Sarah is a talented multi-tasker with exceptionally high standards; she enjoys creating efficiency in systems and wants to understand the big picture so she can prioritize her tasks.
  • Sarah knows how to say ‘no’ as well as ‘yes’, and she knows in which situations each of these applies.
  • Sarah is a hockey mom extraordinaire, mountain lover, and has a big heart for her family and friends.

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