It Takes a Village

Raising a child requires a community working together as a team. As a foster care agency, Crossroads emphasizes keeping a child connected to as many healthy attachments as possible, while supporting foster parents to provide a stable loving home.Fostering is too big of a job to be done alone! Here at Crossroads we support you as you nurture children in your home.

The foster care system is complex with many people playing important roles in the care of children. For successful outcomes it is best for the people involved to work together. At Crossroads we believe in the value of carefully nurtured and deeply rooted attachments for children. This provides a foundation for healing from past trauma and growing up with a healthy and developing self-esteem.

Fostering is not easy but it is worth it! When you are a foster parent, you can provide a safe and stable place for a child and be a positive influence during their critical developmental years. Our mandate is to make wellness possible! This has been a guiding principle as we have served over 1000 children in the last 20 years. Crossroads was built by foster parents, for foster parents, and we truly understand the importance of supporting children and helping families.

As a parent, you strive to maintain a secure and loving environment as you manage the day-to-day responsibilities for children and youth. At Crossroads, our professional team ensures you, your bio children and foster children are supported in the day-to-day routine and challenges fostering brings. We know parenting is hard! Together, our goal is to strengthen your village and the children and teens within it.

To learn more, take a look at what our Director of Foster Care, Jo-Ann Klapstein, and our Foster Care Program Manager, Michelle Caouette have to say about the challenges and rewards of fostering!