Inunnguat at Crossroads

About Us

We are a family business in the business of helping families.

Janet and Rory Ryan founded Crossroads Family Services, as a not-for-profit, with the goal of helping kids and families to grow healthy and strong. Rory had been orphaned when he was just 12 years old: this tragedy made him keenly aware of the importance of community and family. He was passionate about providing kids with safe family environments and community connections where they could flourish.

Crossroads yellow building in SummersideCrossroads began as a part of Kids Support Group (KSG), a psychological services agency that specialized in child and family therapy. In 1999 KSG branched into two partnered agencies: Crossroads Foster Care and Kells Counselling. Kells provides clinical supports for families, while Crossroads supports families to open their homes to care for foster children who can no longer be with their families of origin.

Our passion is still to strengthen families and children. In these two decades of service, Crossroads has cared for over 5,000 children, and Kells works with approximately 1,000 families a year. In 2014, Crossroads expanded their service base with the Disability Care Program. Crossroads Disability Care provides consistent support to caregivers of high-needs children, adults with disabilities, and seniors, through respite care, parent coaching, and intensive supports.

Crossroads is part of Family Solutions Group. This is a group of agencies that are dedicated to making wellness possible in our communities. We work closely with Family Solutions Group to deliver service that is responsive and tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

We believe that family settings are best for kids. By providing families with the right supports, we can help kids to grow up healthy in strong family environments.

And this is exactly what Rory set out to do. So, we know that being a family is not always easy. And we want you to know, that if your family is struggling, you can call us. We can find the help you need.

Watch the Crossroads’ Origin Story – A Tribute to Rory Ryan below.