Become a Foster Parent

Are you considering becoming a foster parent?

Fostering can change lives ~ and support kids and families to heal.

Crossroads provides caregiving placements for children who cannot safely remain in their family’s home.

The goal of foster care is to return children to their birth families as soon as possible. However, when that is not what is in the best interest of a child, our foster homes can provide permanent stability.

Crossroads believes that a family is the most beneficial and desirable environment for raising a child. The supportive atmosphere of a foster home assists in meeting the child’s emotional, social, and physical needs. Positive relationships and connections occur in this environment.

Why foster through Crossroads?

We are a not-for-profit business with the goal of helping kids and families grow healthy and strong. We have a realistic and compassionate understanding of fostering and seek to support families every step of the way. We are dedicated to making wellness possible in our community.

Support for Families: Our staff possesses a unique understanding of fostering as many staff members have either fostered themselves or have worked closely with kids. Crossroads advocates for foster parents’ wellness while providing training, guidance, debriefing, troubleshooting, and a community to grow with.


Caregiver Training & Clinical Support: Crossroads offers advocacy, guidance, mediation, and practical supports. We also offer individualized plans of care (wraparounds) for counselling and other support services.


Focus on the Children: As a private agency, our focus is on matching children to the right homes to ensure their positive development and growth. We connect our families with cultural supports to assist children to stay connected with their cultures and community.


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Crossroads’ Associations and Affiliations

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Crossroads is contracted for foster care placements with:

  • Edmonton Region Child & Family Services
  • Central Alberta Child & Family Services
  • Métis Settlements Child and Family Services
  • Other Regional Child and Family Service Regions in Alberta, as well as some Delegated First Nation Authorities


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