Support for Foster Families


Fostering can change lives ~ and support kids and families to heal.

Crossroads provides caregiving placements for children who cannot safely remain in their family’s home. The goal of foster care is to return the child to their birth family as soon as possible, however when that’s not what is in the best interest of the child, our foster homes can provide permanent stability.

Crossroads believes that a family is the most beneficial and desirable environment for raising a child. The supportive atmosphere of a foster home assists in meeting the child’s emotional, social, and physical needs, while offering positive relationships and connections. Crossroads provides an organized base of support, resources, and shelter for children and their families by recruiting, training, and supporting caregiving families and skilled staff to provide foster care.

Crossroads supports our families by providing:

  • Experienced Support Workers to help families deal with the realities of fostering.
  • Training to help parents develop the positive skills required to strengthen children.
  • Cultural supports to assist children to stay connected with their culture and community.
  • Access to educational, psychological, and other wraparound supports.



Crossroads is contracted for foster care placements with:

  • Edmonton Region Child & Family Services
  • Central Alberta Child & Family Services
  • Métis Settlements Child and Family Services
  • Other Regional Child and Family Service Regions in Alberta, as well as some Delegated First Nation Authorities

Crossroads’ Associations and Affiliations






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