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Kinnections Respite Services helps families care for their members with complex needs.

No matter how much we love someone, when their care needs are higher than our personal energy or our resource base, any caregiver runs the risk of burning out.

Caregiver Burnout

A state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged and overwhelming stress of caregiving ( Caregiving can cause long term stressors that lead to the deterioration of your own health. This not only affects you, it also affects individuals in your care and your social circle.

Kinnections Community Care Respite Services

Healthy Caregiving Cannot Be Done Alone

Kinnections provides supports to families who need more than occasional help. When families need access to consistent care, Kinnections respite caregiving services starts by matching  families and special needs family members with qualified workers who possess the right set of skills to provide the right kind of respite.

Respite for Kids:

Realistically, friends and family can only do so much to help. Families with kids with high needs require access to consistent care, not just occasional help. To manage the pressures of caregiving, respite supports are needed. Breaks from caregiving pressure might be hourly supports, overnight care, or out-of-home respite.

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Respite for Adults:

As children age, parents are typically less able to meet the needs presented by adult children with disabilities or mental health conditions. Kinnections tailors its respite services to what families need. That might be an hourly companion, supportive roommate, or advocate.

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Clinical Services:

Kinnections respite services assists families when they need to reach beyond traditional caregiving services. Kinnections helps families to learn what they need to do and where to go to support their children. This might include a behavior specialist, mediation, navigation services, or an intellectual assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Find out more about our Kinnections Community Care respite services, and hopefully we can answer a couple of your questions! Furthermore, please call us if you have any additional questions.

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Kinnections Family Development Program

Kinnect House Intensive

Kinnect House Intensive program merges the strengths of Kinnections caregivers with the clinical expertise of Kells professionals, to support atypical children and their families. The youths live in the Kinnect House three nights per week to assist with stabilization. This treatment placement offers a break for both the youths and their families from the tension and patterns that may have become a part of the family dynamic.

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Parenting Tough Kids

The Parenting Tough Kids Program was developed as a self-paced, on-demand program for parents of kids with tough behaviors. In this video series, our clinicians and highly trained instructors guide parents through individualized coaching to increase mental health knowledge and build the skills they need to manage their children’s challenging behaviors more effectively. The parents are taught crisis de-escalation and effectiveness skills to help them remain calm and effective during interactions with their child.  Children and teens are not involved in the program, instead it is designed to support parents and build on their skills to manage their high-needs children.

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