Respite for Adults

We provide the long term supports that your family member will need.

No one knows or loves a child better than their parents. However, there are times when it is positive to let someone else care for your disabled adult child.

The responsibilities and workload of caring for a family member with disabilities is a full-time job. Relying on your own energy and family is not always what is best for maintaining overall family health, or your own health. Further, as people age, they are typically less able to meet the needs that adult children with disabilities or mental health conditions present. Finally, you may have started to worry about what will happen to your child when you are no longer here to help.

Imagine how much better you would feel if you could find a partner to look out for them when you can’t be there.

Our experience can help you. We are a family business in the business of helping your family. Crossroads has supported well over 5000 individuals in our 20 years of operation, and we have ongoing service support packages that can free you to enjoy your child and release your burden on worry for their future.

Hourly Worker – Companion

Kinnections can provide skilled staff to come to you. We can work with you to help manage the needs and daily routines of your family member. Depending on what works better for you, we can work in your home, or in a community setting. We are flexible to work with you in the way you need.

Supported Living – Host Home/Supportive Roommate

Even when extra care supports are provided, young adults begin to need independence from their parents. Staying at home is not always the best thing for you or your child.

We can partner your family with a safe supportive home for your child that will support them while keeping them connected with you.

Monitored Living – Advocate

What are your options when your adult child lives somewhat independently, but still needs extra supports and monitoring to ensure that they stay well?  Whether it is getting them out of the house, or assisting them to keep their medical appointments, its critical to know that a reliable person is regularly checking in and helping them out. A Kinnections Health Advocate can partner with you to support your family member.

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