Janet Ryan-Newell


Janet holds an M.Ed. with Distinction in both Counselling Psychology & Psychometric Assessment. For the first decade of her career Janet worked with Edmonton Public Schools, first as an Elementary School Teacher and then as a School Psychologist.

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Elaine Roemmich

Executive Director

Elaine has worked with the agency group since its beginning, first as a policy development consultant, and then as a manager and director. Her years of work with the Federal Government prepared her especially well for the complexities of overseeing working with government-funded programs.

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Jo-Ann Klapstein

Program Director

Jo-Ann has a degree in Education and worked with our sister agency Kells Counselling as a psych. assistant and a learning specialist prior to coming to Crossroads as a staff member in 2005.

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Annette Thiessen

Business Operations Manager

Annette has been an integral part of Crossroads Family Services since 2002. She oversees our human resource needs as well as anything to do with office equipment and information technology.

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Lena Dobson

Compliance Officer and Admin Support.

Lena started working for Crossroads in January 2013 at our main office reception desk. In 2014, she moved to a Program Support Worker role, coordinating our training program and tracking compliance requirements for foster parents in both regions.

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Pauline Duperreault

Reception and Admin Support

Pauline began working as the agency receptionist in February 2014. She is a wonderful addition to our Crossroads family. Pauline loves to learn, is unfailingly kind and welcoming, and has a lovely sense of humour.

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Cathy Klapstein

Program Support Worker

Cathy has been involved with Crossroads ever since its inception in 1997. She was our foster care recruiter for many years, and now her bubbly personality and positive attitude are aimed at working with our administrative team to maintain our documentation requirements. Cathy’s energy is welcome in this role, as she is instrumental in bringing zest to administrative tasks.

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Michelle Caouette

Foster Care Program Manager

Michelle was hired as a Support Worker in 2007 but prior to that she worked a year at The Retreat ~ Crossroads Treatment group care program. Michelle’s educational background is in social work and she is highly skilled at combining her work load with ongoing education.

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Marny Traverse

Admin Assistant for Jo-Ann Klapstein

Marny began working at Crossroads in 2020 and has enjoyed all the varied things she gets to do, most of which is paperwork. You are most likely to hear from her as you get your application paperwork in.

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Shauna Benvik

Foster Care Support Worker

Shauna has been with Crossroads Family Services since 2009 and has an educational background in Early Childhood Development. Prior to Crossroads, she worked extensively as a Family Resource Worker developing and facilitating numerous programs for families in need. Shauna believes strongly in children and families and their ability to succeed. She is beloved by the families she works with.

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Candace Cooper

Foster Care Team Lead

Candace has been with Crossroads since 2009, working in various administrative positions before becoming a Support Worker in 2014. She has unique insight into the behind the scenes workings of a large foster care program.

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Andrea Dykstra

Foster Care Support Worker

Andrea is a foster parent, biological parent, and a PG parent with both professional and practical experience handling children and family dynamics–making her a great addition to our Foster Care program!

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Lee Patel

Foster Care Support Worker

Lee came to Crossroads in July 2019 after moving from Toronto, Ontario and has been a welcome addition to the team. Lee has a BA in psychology, worked for the Canadian Mental Health Association as a Crisis and Addictions worker, and has a diploma in Child and Youth Care.

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Ainslie MacSween

Case Aide/FCSW

Ainslie has worked in the Kinnect Intensive Program since 2019 and in Foster Care since 2020. She has a degree in Applied Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology.

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Meghan Duff

Foster Care Support Worker

Meghan started at Crossroads as a Respite Worker in 2017 while completing her psychology degree. She worked at several organizations around Edmonton in that time as well, supporting children and youth with mental health and behavioural conditions.

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Craig Ryan

Program Manager, Crossroads Disability Care

Craig began working with Crossroads as a youth worker nearly 10 years ago. Craig has extensive experience working with children and youth, in foster care and group care.  He has a steady, warm, and playful presence that welcomes people of all ages.

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Stefani Sharma

Recruitment and Home Study Coordinator

Stefani joined Family Solutions Group in 2015 as a new graduate of the Bachelor of Communication Studies program at MacEwan University. Although originally brought on in the marketing department, Stefani quickly discovered a love for writing foster care home studies for Crossroads Family Services.

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Martha Rivas-Marin

Program Support Worker, Kinnections Respite Program

Martha came on board with Crossroads in 2019. She received her Child and Youth Worker diploma in 2004 and has been caring for children ever since. Before coming to Crossroads, she worked as a Special Needs Teacher Assistant and as a dayhome educator and consultant. Martha described herself as having a passion for working with children and their families.

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Barb Tenney

Program Supervisor, Crossroads Disability Care / Kinnect Family Program

Barb was invited to Crossroads in 2013 from the ‘group care world,’ to work as a Foster Care Support Worker. In 2014, she transitioned to our Kinnections Respite Program as a team lead, and in 2019, she moved into a supervisory position with our Kinnect Family Program.

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Stephanie Serbin

Program Supervisor, Crossroads Disability Care

Stephanie started with Crossroads in 2014 as a practicum student and impressed us so much that she was offered a position as a Foster Care Support Worker after she completed her Child & Youth Care degree. She later transferred into our Disability Care program and then worked her way into her current supervisory position.

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