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Jo-Ann Klapstein

Program Director

Jo-Ann has been with Crossroads as a staff member since 2005. She also worked with our sister agency Kells Counselling as a Psych Assistant and a learning specialist. Jo-Ann’s educational background is in teaching, and she has worked in Aboriginal communities. Before Jo-Ann moved up to the program director role, she had successfully mastered many roles: Parent Coach, Home Assessment Worker, Foster Care Support Worker, Supervisor, HAR Co-ordinator. Jo-Ann supervised Foster Care in Central Alberta before becoming the Program Manager in 2011.


  • Jo-Ann was a foster parent for over 10 years, fostering high needs children and teens. She fostered with both Crossroads and the Edmonton Authority.
  • Jo-Ann can communicate in sign language as her fostering career included caring for two children and providing respite for a third, all of whom were deaf.
  • Jo-Ann can always be counted on to remain calm! Jo-Ann is skilled in being able to take perspective from many sides of an issue. As well as having a heart for children, Jo-Ann has a unique understanding of and compassion for the challenges of caring for high needs children.

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