What is an intake?


Caregiving for a family member with complex needs is not easy. No matter how much we love someone, when their care needs are higher than our personal energy or our resource base, any caregiver runs the risk of burning out.

What is Caregiver Burnout?

A state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged and overwhelming stress of caregiving (helpguide.org). Caregiving can cause long-term stress that lead to the deterioration of your health. This not only affects you but also the people in your care and your social circle.

How does an intake to the Kinnections Respite Program work?

Caregiving cannot be done alone!

Crossroads provides supports to families who need more than the occasional help. Our Crossroads Kinnections program starts by matching your family with a qualified worker who has the skills to provide respite to you and your family member with complex needs.

You need a caregiver that you can count on to best support your child, youth, or adult family member.

In the intake process, we learn about you, your family member, your worries and strengths, and what services you may need. From there, we start the matching process. We find a caregiver with the proper training and expertise to suit your family’s needs.

We provide support that helps, so caring for someone else, doesn’t take away from caring for yourself.

Support you can count on!

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