How long does it take to get a respite worker for our family?

It is important to us that your family receives the best care, and as such, we cannot promise a set time frame to find a caregiver match for your family.
We do have a waitlist, but we do not tell anyone how long it is as we do not move in chronological order. We work on a ‘best-match basis’, which means that our goal is to create lasting relationships between the caregiver and child.
Finding the right caregiver for your family will take time, but here are some tips to make the process go quicker.
  1. Fill out the intake package. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call us and we can walk you through it. Paperwork that is not complete does not move forward to be matched.
  2. Attach your FSCD contract, along with the intake package, and send it to us promptly. As we direct bill through FSCD, we need proper documentation of your contract. When we receive these documents, we can go forward and schedule the intake meeting.
  3. Be flexible with your caregiver – available times, gender, etc.
  4. Make sure your contract has agency rates already built in – our rates are higher than a straight provider rate because we recruit, train, and support the caregivers to ensure high quality. Contact your caseworker and inform them you’re going forward with Crossroads. Once that is completed, an addendum will be completed with the correct rates on your contract. No services are booked or provided until after a current FSCD contract has been received.