What can I expect in the process of becoming a foster parent?

To become a foster parent, you will have to go through a screening and placement process which includes the following steps:
First steps to fostering
Application Form: fill out the application and include at least three references for each caregiver.
Criminal Record Check (CRC): apply for a ‘Vulnerable Sector’ CRC (it must be less than 6 months old).
Intervention Record Check (IRC): For this step, two pieces of ID will be required.
Orientation to Caregiver Training (OCT) Sessions 
Second Steps to Fostering
Emergency First Aid, Level C CPR: Register on your own or call Crossroads for locations that provide Emergency First Aid and Level C CPR.
Driver’s Documents: Provide a photocopy of Driver’s License(s) and Registration for each vehicle that will be used to transport children. A copy of vehicle insurance must also be provided.
Vehicle Insurance: Minimum vehicle insurance is $2,00,000.
Home Insurance: Minimum home insurance is $1,000,000 ($2,000,000 is recommended).
Medicals: Each caregiver must provide a completed medical from a doctor.
SAFE Questionnaire 1: All sections of SAFE Questionnaire 1 must be completed by each caregiver
Financial Information: Complete the form and provide a photocopy of either each caregiver’s T4 slip or each caregiver’s Notice of Assessment.
Safety Steps: Provide a floor plan that clearly marks the exits of your home in case of an emergency.
Third and Forth Steps
Home Study
Environmental Safety Assessment