What makes a child a level 2?

Your FSCD case manager will score a child as Level I or Level II based on the information you provide. FSCD decides the level based on amount of support needed, level of functioning, existing behaviors, etc.
Perhaps an easier way to look at it would be:
Level I children’s needs can be met in the family and community with occasional respite and breaks.
Level II children present with more challenging behaviours, and it is difficult to get the support or breaks needed to stay well. These are the children or youth with higher needs who require specialized services, resources, and support.
If your child has been assessed as Level I and you believe that a Level II coding is more appropriate, it can be valuable to review your child’s needs with the caseworker. When Crossroads is determining what level of supports a child or youth requires, we refer to a multidisciplinary screening tool that we have developed.