Annual Review

Kinnections Respite Provider Annual Review

Annual Reviews are a necessary component for our continued efforts to provide excellent service to our clients and to be a good support to you, as the caregiver.  The purpose of an annual review is to review:

  1. Policies and Procedures — to refresh and update Policies and Procedures with you to make sure your understanding of them is accurate and current.
  2. File Updates – we want to make sure your profile information is current.
  3. Service Updates – we want to touch base with you to see if your availability or preferred clients have changed.
  4. Comments and Feedback – we want to touch base with you to receive feedback and perhaps discover how we can support you better.

Below is the Annual Review form.  Once we receive the form, Lasha will make an appointment to virtually meet with you to complete your Annual Review.

Thank you.

Kinnections Respite Provider Annual Review

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please review each document and check if you agree and understand the information in the document.
    (Click the name of the document to open it in a new window. You do not need to sign and re-submit documents.)
  • Do you require a new Emergency Procedures card?
  • Do you require a new Kinnections ID card?
  • Client Matches - Have you used our job board to see if there are any more clients you would be able to provide services for?
  • Contractor Availability - Has your availability changed?
  • Client Specific Training Needs - Are there any trainings that would assist you in the respite services you are providing?
  • Please provide any comments or feedback that will assist Crossroads Kinnections Program to improve.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY